HAVA STUDIO | Invisible Cities Candleholders – Brass

Invisible Cities Candleholders – Brass

Materials: Italian Carrara Marble

Polished Solid Brass

These pieces are now available from retail stores Becker Minty, Sydney and Property Furniture, New York.


Single Tower small: 71W x 44D x 75mmH

Single Tower medium: 71W x 44D x 95mmH

Single Tower large: 71W x 44D x 115mmH


100% Designed and Handcrafted in Australia
These pieces are now available from Becker Minty in Sydney and Property Furniture in New York.


Each brass piece is milled and polished to a mirror finish in a Sydney workshop. 
The marble bases are precision cut by machine and then hand finished. The two components are united to create a piece of functional sculpture.


The Invisible Cities candle holders are part of the HAVASCAPE range.  A cosmos in which the lines are crisp, the craftsmanship fine and the materials are of quality.  A range borne of an architectural aesthetic, built on a language of suspension, projection, mass and void.